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iSolar Lightning Charger

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Outdoors enthusiasts, your life just got a little more convenient!
The iSolar Lightning Charger is truly a leader in it's market, with exclusive fast charging technology, it charges your devices 30% faster than your average solar charger! Don't have a panic attack about phones, tablets, and electronics dying, especially when you need them most! 
The iSolar Lightning Charger was designed with your adventures in mind, and is perfect for travel/outdoors activities. Easily attach the iSolar Charger with the carabeaners which are included.
  • With up to 10W and 23.5% high efficiency iSolar Lightning Charger allows for faster charging, so no more waiting forever to charge your devices.
  • Designed for your convenience, this charger is lightweight and portable, attach to the back of your bag and forget it's even there!
  • Universal USB port allows compatibility with most electronic devices, solar panels include short circuit and surge protection technology, to keep you and your devices safe.
  • 6x10 inches closed 18x10 open 10.5oz

Planning on enjoying a quick hike, to backpacking in the deep country, or even having a picnic at the beach? Don't be caught in the outdoors without your iSolar Lightning Charger! The charger is perfect for portability, and average efficiency being 10% higher than competitors! So don't worry if your speakers, phones, or any other devices try to bring down your vibe, be prepared with the iSolar Lightning Charger!